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Clothes Swap Volunteer Application Form
(in confidence)
Which days are you available?


Do you have any criminal convictions or any pending?

Volunteers are not entitled to withhold information about criminal convictions however long ago these occurred. Any information will be completely confidential and will be considered only in relation to positions covered by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975. Failure to disclose such convictions could result in dismissal or disciplinary action. Some volunteer opportunities may be subject to Disclosure and Barring Service disclosure. I CONFIRM THAT I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD THE ABOVE


If your application is unsuccessful or you chose not to accept any offer of volunteering we make, the information will not be held for longer than is necessary, after which time it will be destroyed, although relevant information will be retained in the longer term to facilitate equal opportunity monitoring. If your application is successful, the information will form part of your volunteer file and we will be entitled to process it for all purposes in connection with you volunteering.


LRDTs Confidentiality, Data Protection and Safeguarding Policies are available at any time on request and also as part of the cloud server. As a volunteer for LRDT activities, you may come to possess confidential and / or sensitive information about clients and / or fellow volunteers. Confidentiality by and among volunteers is of upmost importance. Whatever a volunteer knows in this context stays with the volunteer, and in any secure records held by LRDT. Volunteers must not share confidential or sensitive information unnecessarily with each other. If necessary, for an individual’s welfare, please share it with the CEO or LRDT Trustee, who will deal with it accordingly.



In signing below, you confirm the details you have entered on this form are correct and accept the responsibilities outlined above. Equally important as affirming your agreement is at all times to use judgement, discretion and alertness to issues of confidentiality I understand that any work offered would be on a voluntary basis and that I will not be an employee of LRDT.

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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