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Lyme Bay Radio

In March 2020, after 18 months of planning, we launched our amazing community radio station, Lyme Bay Radio! And then a few days later we closed it again. Like the rest of the UK and the world in fact, we had to close shop and isolate. 

But that was not the end. After a few short months, LRDT staff and our band of merry volunteers started to put together pieces of the lockdown puzzle. Through email, WhatsApp groups, zoom calls and remote recordings. we started to figure out how we could get back on air even if we couldn't actually get into the studio. Through the Herculean efforts of LRDT CEO Chris Tipping and Station Manager, Ashley Kellett, in July 2020 we started the whole thing back up again and have been building the amazing community radio station it is today.

Through three lockdowns, we have created a jam packed radio schedule of over 20 radio shows and a fantastic assorment of local talent in our presenetrs. We are incredily proud of how far we have come and super excited about what is the future for our local radio station.

You can find out more about Lyme Bay Radio and listen live at or use the link below to get in touch 

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