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The Dot Wood Workshop

Booking open now!

We are very excited to have this project underway. Our community workshop is about teaching woodturning and basic carpentry skills to those that are interested in learning and developing new practical skills. Built and run entirely by volunteers, we hope that having this amazing resource and space will encourage anybody with an interest to come along and be part of it.


The workshop is fully equipped with all the equipment and machines to complete woodturning and carpentry projects for beginners right through to intermediate and we hope, possibly even professional standard.


The workshop is for those that are not fortunate enough to have space and equipment where they live and there may be others that want to come to the workshop because they want to work alongside others.





Every Tuesday and Wednesday
10-00am -12-00pm

Taster session              - £5
2nd Session                 - £25 (£5 plus an annual membership fee of £20)
3rd, 4th, 5th Sessions  - £5


Half day

Mondays with either Rod Page or Liz Kent

Non Members               - £60
Members                       - £40

Full Day
Mondays with either Rod Page or Liz Kent

Two students to one instructor
Non Members               - £85
Members                       - £65




Basic Woodturning

Half day (3 hours) Intensive with Rod Page

Members/Non-Member £75 (includes materials)





Day session with Rod Page (one to one)
A very special,  intensive day spent in the workshop learning alongside our highly awarded local woodturner
Members/Non-Member - £125 (includes materials)





6 Week Beginner Woodturning Course
Every Friday with Steve
9.30am - 12.30pm

6 week course £120 (includes materials)

Taster Woodturning (3 hours) one off trial

3 hours
Members/Non-Member £20 (includes materials)



We are currently looking for new tutors to teach our carpentry courses for all levels. If you think you may be interested please get in touch at or call 01297 445021

All sessions are taught by fully qualified teachers and experienced technicians.

Only 2 learners will be taught in each session.

Full PPE  - Visors and masks will be provided. There is a waiting list for these classes so please get in touch to be added to the list.

Private/Independent workshop booking
Two-hour sessions          - £5

Once a member has shown that they are confident and proficient in the workshop to the satisfaction of our instructors, they will be able to book the workshop for private practice. However, there will need to be two members in the workshop at all times to ensure the health and safety for the users. Members only.  Annual membership fee £20.


In partnership with our sponsors

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 In memory of our late Trustee and dear friend Dot Wood, who was one of the key initiators of this project,  we renamed the Lyme Regis Workshop The Dot Wood Workshop in 2022. 

Generously funded by 

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